Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The Pendle Witch Child

I spent a good chunk of time last month pencil-on-paper happily scratching away at my light box animating transforming witches and naughty boys as an assistant animator to the lovely Phoebe Boswell, for a Wingspan Productions documentary entitled 'The Pendle Witch Child', directed by Ros Ereira, commissioned by BBC4. It's a really interesting piece that looks at the British witch trials of the 1600's, focusing in a particularly shocking case of a 9 year old girl denouncing her own mother as a witch.

Apparently it's been getting some good reviews and I've been told it's Pick of the Week in the Radio Times and the BBC History Magazine, and has a half page spread in Time Out as Pick of the Day, really exciting! The little section I did, along with Hannah Lao, can be seen here.

The whole documentary is airing tonight for the first time at 9pm on BBC4.