Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Ain't Got Nobody

A 12foot6 film in association with Hamish Stewart.
Produced by Tom and Dave at 12foot6,

Directed by Asa Lucander. Illustration and design by Asa Lucander.

Vocals supplied by Hamish Stewart.

Stage set built by a lovely man in hat.

Animated by Asa Lucander and me (Asa - rabbit, drummer, monkey, bassist / Kim - man, noteghosts, audience, drummer, monkey, bassist!) I worked on my part of the animation in this between September 2007 and June 2008, alongside other smaller projects.

Available to buy on DVD from Magma bookshops for only £4.99!

Screening at the London Animation Festival 2009, Rushes Shorts 2009,
Melbourne Film Festival 2009.

Listen to a comment by Festivus's Jeremy:


Anonymous said...

Great picture. Thanks so much for sharing it.

messytimbo said...

can't see anything? did you take the video off?