Friday, 8 June 2007

Atmosphere and style research

My story is quite surreal and a bit twisted, I hope!, and I want this to be reflected in the look of the piece.

I got in touch with a sound engineer called Anthony Leung to help me from the audio side, and he showed me a clip from the Simpsons (Season 18, episode 14) to lister to the music, apparently similar to Astor Piazollas' music. Visually it was a really interesting piece of animation because it was all cross hatched and very dark and sinister. It was apparently a reference to artist Edward Gorey, so found an image (see below).
Like the textures in this image - it was on a card but I can't remember the artist's name. Background artist Pete Hillier at CSM gave a few of us a Photoshop tutorial and after that I experimented with some textures in my backgrounds.

Old Lady and the Pigeojns, directed by Sylvain Chomet is dark and twisted in the way that I want my film to be and I really liked the French style and colour schemes. See

Did an image search on Google of messy room pics to help with designing the backgrounds and this was one of the best I found!

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