Friday, 8 June 2007

Processing - line tests

I decided early on in the project that for it to have the style that I want I would need to handdraw the animation. So after making the animatic, and the acting and research I keyed out the whole project in as much detail as possible. I tried to include overshoot ands anticipation as well as all the main poses.

The overall length of the film grew from roughly 1 minute two just over two at this stage.

See the final linetest sequence below.

Final linetests from kimunkey on Vimeo

There were sections of this that proved difficult, such as conveying the idea that the man wants to cut the dogs heart out to give to the pancake woman to bring her to life. The man dancing with the pancake bride, and the dog jumping off the bed and walking backwards then turning and jumping back on were all technically challenging.

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