Friday, 8 June 2007

Processing - animo and photoshop

After completeing the linetests reached the stage of colouring in. Have scanned all the drawings into animo and now need to colour the levels. Have scanned the backgrounds and foregrounds into photoshop and am colouring these using the techniques and texture Pete Hillier showed me. The aim is to have the end film looking roughly like the promotional stills below.

Below the greyer image is after colouring and shadowing in Photoshop. The top image is after applying a grain texture adjusting the colour levels to more red and yellow. Hopefully I can acheive a similar thing through animo director when the levels are coloured in.

After the line tests had to consider how to process the images. At the beginning of the project I had the idea to trace each still onto tracing paper and photograph these ontop of a background built from parchment paper. By trying it realised that this would probably take years as it took a few hours for just this one still, and it didn't look as good as I had hoped.

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