Friday, 8 June 2007

Back in December

Thinking along the lines of a lonely character who has a vision I thought back to an idea I had come up with in December. A guy has an argument with his girlfriend, who breaks up with him and storms out. Days later he is feeling lonely and thinks of buying a sex doll but realises he has no money. Later he is eating gingerbread people and is inspired to bake himself a pancake girlfriend.

He bakes a huge pancake, cuts her out, then goes through what is missing and improvises with objects in his kitchen to make her more girl-like.

original idea in dec post it note animatic from kimunkey on Vimeo
With this original idea I got as far as character designs and a very rough storyboard and animatic part done on post-its. See the video clip below.
Was partly inspired by a story by Will Self that I can remember really clearly but can't remember the title of or where i read it - a guy in a coastal town makes himself a girlfriend out of foam but ends up dropping a cigarette on her and burning his flat and himself down.

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